titleDesigning an interior space for your new home can be one of the most exciting parts of the building process, or for some, one of the more scary parts of the building process. Either way, to reduce the stress, our designers have systems in place that will help each buyer determine how to make their home fit their personality, style of living, and what upgrades are available in their budget. Our award-winning design center allows visitors to walk through finished kitchen and bath spaces as well as view exterior materials grouped together just as they would on a real home. Designers are available for set appointment and buyers are also available to set up times to review options on their own. Working with an expert to walk you through all of these decisions provides peace of mind. They speak from experience of designing hundreds of homes, and suddenly all of the choices needed for your home design don't seem as overwhelming.


Malia Warburton


Malia (pictured on the right) after her appearance on KUTV's Fresh Living.

Malia has been a designer for 10 years now and has a passion for helping people explore, create and choose the right design elements that reflect their unique personality and style. She loves creating spaces that positively impact day to day life and have a balance between design elements and function. She finds inspiration all around her! Whether it’s a fun frame on the shelf at Target, a unique furniture find in a consignment store or an exciting paint color, she loves blending them into interesting and fresh details for any home or space.

Favorite Design Style: Vintage Farmhouse! Malia loves Colonial Revival Architecture and anything inspired by it. Her favorite interiors are cozy, happy and have a feeling of informality. In her own home she has a love for incorporating hardware, fixtures, fabric and furniture that seem to turn back the clock.

Just a few of Malia’s favorite Design sites/blogs:
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Boating and Waterskiing with her family, playing with her daughters and taking lots of pictures of them for her home. She also enjoys running, refinishing unique furniture pieces and searching out just the right accessories for the space she is working on. She believes that the smallest details in a home can make a huge impact and add character and charm.

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