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Destination Homes Home Building Process

Building a home is a collaborative process with a large amount of details to address. That fact shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, with that being the case in the homebuilding industry, it is curious to see how each builder helps their customer through the many stages of building. In our experience, a step-by-step process is key.

    An established process can help in many ways; most notably it can establish accurate customer expectations. Painting an nice picture of what is to come creates positive energy in the building process and allows the focus on the most timely and important matters to be laser sharp.

    Our Building Process Map begins at Purchase Agreement for step 1 and outlines 13 additional steps taking the buyer into the closing of their home and the subsequent warranty period. Approximated dates for many of the steps are written in from the start in pencil as adjustments may occur along the way. When it comes to knowing what the next steps are, it is very clear when meetings on site will take place, and where things are at in the overall process. The overall satisfaction felt by all involved increases when using this tool to create a plan, and referring to it often.

    Within the Building Process Map, going through the Design Center on step #3 is a huge milestone for folks designing a new home. We even created a process pathway for this meeting. 

    The Design Process Map helps buyers through the hundreds of decisions they’ll eventually make as they go through exterior and interior options for their home. Once again, it establishes an expectation for a lengthy, detail-focused meeting, and it keeps everyone’s mind on track.

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