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Design Center

Designing an interior space for your new home can be one of the most exciting parts of the building process, or for some, one of the more scary parts of the building process. Either way, to reduce the stress, our designers have systems in place that will help each buyer determine how to make their home fit their personality, style of living, and what upgrades are available in their budget. Our award-winning design center allows visitors to walk through finished kitchen and bath spaces as well as view exterior materials grouped together just as they would on a real home. Designers are available for set appointments and buyers are also able to set up times to review browse options on their own. 

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Our Townhomes

We offer two and three-level townhomes in a number of different locations. Each townhome community has open green space that is cared for by a Homeowner Association. This allows our townhome buyer to think more about recreation in their free time instead of yard work. Whether you’re relocating, uninterested selecting all of your home features from scratch, or just have to get into a home sooner than later, we have options that fit many different circumstances. Look through our selection of inventory recently completed or close to being done, call us for an appointment to take a tour, and we’ll get you into the home you want lickety-split.

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Where We Build

We don’t just build homes; each home we build makes up a larger community. We believe that building an exceptional home will not only benefit those living under that roof, but that it will lead to a stronger more lasting community. Our aim is to create communities that are inherently safe, connected to the surrounding environment, and foster the feel of a welcoming neighborhood.

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Destination Homes invites you to Add Your Story.

Destination Homes recognizes how important it is to build exceptional homes in lasting communities. We also recognize that designing communities is only a fraction of what brings a neighborhood to life. The key ingredient to a vibrant community is the homeowner. We aim to build the perfect setting that is safe, connected and appealing so that each of our buyers can bring their personalities, their hobbies, their families and their energy to the homes, the parks and the streets.

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