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Our MultiGen features allow our buyers more options that really matter. It’s not so much about flooring, cabinets and countertops, but more about addressing your needs and of those you love most. We’re taking the mother-in-law apartment to the next level and we’re expanding our designs beyond the in-laws. Your family is unique, and these designed spaces allow you to grow as you need. Whether you’d like to prepare a private space for house guests, older children needing independance and some supervision, or for your married children needing a place to stay while they save for a home of their own, these plans are just for you to consider.

Our Multi-Generational floorplan options are currently available in our Linden, Clearwater, and Hillsboro plans. Contact our online sales agent at 801-917-5449 for details.

See for yourself by taking this 3D tour of our Lindon model with Multi-Gen option. You'll see the signs along with blue tags on the door frames as you walk through the designated Multi-Gen space. One of the distinguishing features of the Muilti-Generational floorplan is seen below highlighted in dark blue; a first and a second master suite.


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