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One of the greatest things about the communities that we build are the unique stories that each Homeowner brings with them. There are so many! We've started this page to begin sharing some of our favorites. 

Issac & Becca Goeckeritz

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Issac is a documentary filmmaker and had done several PBS documentaries with subjects ranging from homeless vets to Brigham Street. He's been interested in filmmaking ever since he got his hands on his grandparent's VHS video recorder as a kid. His passion lead him to convince his school teachers to allow him to transform some of his writing assignments into video assignments. He's an avid runner, pinball player, and Star Wars party host. It was his work on the documentary Brigham Street (now South Temple in Salt Lake City) along with his undergrad studies in Geography that helped him notice what made Hill Farms different. He could see the foundation in the design of such an iconic street was also being incorporated in many ways into a residential community. Despite living in a new home closeby, he and his wife made the move into one of the cottage model homes. 

Becca is a concert violinist. She has a beautiful studio in her home complete with large bay windows, high ceilings, and white baby grand piano. Music is an extension of who she is. Wheelchair bound since she was toddler age, she has never let her disability slow her down. Playing the violin allowed her to excel in something she could do in her wheelchair. She has also put her wheels to the test in wheelchair marathons. She remains very busy as a violinist in the Orchestra on Temple Square and teaching violin students in her home. Last year she successfully had a kidney transplant and credits the layout and design of her home and community to have played a significant role in her ongoing healing. 

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